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So... who ranks where? The answers are below.

Steal of the draft? Stephen Davis for $5 looks awfully good.

Biggest Bust (barring injury)? Ben Coates. His midseason stats are about 3 weeks worth for him any other season.

Most Devastating Injury? Testaverde is the worst followed by Davis. Moore's injury is interesting in that it hurt two teams.

< no comment on trades >

Owner of the midseason? Probably Clayton. Has had to work pretty hard to justify his short-squad strategy (which will probably not be seen again next season). Still he remains in contention.

Best Free-Agent Pickup? Can't be anyone but Warner.

Predictions? For the season: G's Team looks strong but I can't see a rookie QB winning it all for him. A close race but Kevin (or possibly Adam or Clayton) catches him at the finish. For the league: A strange year so far. Many more key injuries than I can remember occurring in the past. The effect of this being a great disparity in teams' abilities. My guess is that the rules will be looked at pretty hard and lots of changes will be suggested. Hopefully these will not be too rash. I will comment on one of these in another thread.

- Matt

-- Anonymous, November 07, 1999

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