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Steal of the draft: Muhammad

Biggest Bust: Favre

Devasting injury: Testeverde

Best Trade: Faulk, Mayes, Engram for James, Freemand and Thigpen

Worst Trade: Brunell, Dunn, Shepard, Scott and Dyson for Batch, Means, Carter, McCardell and Kv Johnson

Owner of the mid-year: Adam

Free agent pick up: K. Warner

Predictions: 1. Kevin will eventually forget about his team and concentrate on his football website

2. Adam will wake up and realize who he as on his team.

3. John will move out of last place.

4. If Taylor stays healthy, G wins the league.

5. Jay will make a strong comeback, but a trade with Marc will cost him a chance to finish in the top 3.

6. Marc: ditto

7. One day, Corrie will actually turn in a team and if she does, she will end up in 3rd.

8. Chris/Kris, don't draft any 49ers next year and you will have more fun.

9. If Taylor breaks a leg, I will win the league.

10. Even if I don't win, I should be the owner of the year.

11. Danny, sorry about Favre and Davis

12. If Matt can design a computer program to draft for him, he will win the league.

13. Kris, better luck next year.

-- Anonymous, November 07, 1999

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