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And the envelopes please:

Steal of the draft? 3. Harrison $95.00 The best wide receiver in the league for less then a hundred bucks? Sheer brilliance. 2. Muhammad $38.00 Corrie was the only one who seemed to remember that Muhammad did this last year too. 1. Davis $5.00 NOT CLOSE, Hicks, his backup, went for $36.00.

Biggest Bust? 3. Farve $350 35% of your bankroll for this? 2. Sharpe $275.00 The man plays tight end. I repeat, he is a tight end. I know he is hurt now but he was a bust from day one. 1. Moss $360.00 The rookie phenom had the media and our league in a froth. He has decent numbers but he was overvalued by about $160.00.

Injury to Team? 3. Davis RB Broncos; Danny bet on Farve and Davis, he lost twice. 2. Young QB 49ers; Jay didn't want Young minutes after the draft. $350.00 is a sharp price to pay for a guy who should retire. 1. Testevarde QB Jets; Not only did Vinny's injury kill John, but it almost killed Martin and Johnson with him.

Best Trade? 2. Faulk, Martin, Graham and Westbrook for Griese, Harrison, Levens and Scott. Both playesr got superstars and hopefuls, a good trade for both teams. 1. Bledsoe for Johnson and Watters, Jay got the QB he wanted for Young basically and got rid of Watters who had been disappointing. Adam got Johnson who shows no signs of slowing down and Watters who was impressive for the first time on Monday night. I solid trade for both parties.

Worst Trade? 1. There can be only one, Johnson for Young and Westbrook. I apologize for my earlier tirade about the Clayton wheelings and dealings, but this isn't close.

Owner Mid-Year? 1. Gary; He has made more one sided trades then any other manager and his QB pickup was without a doubt, the move of the year.

Best Free Agent Pickup? 3. Edwards RB Pats; He was there for 8 weeks and nobody thought of him, shame on you John. 2. Robinson WR Bears; Since picking him up Jay has gone from 11th to 7th in 3 weeks. 1. Warner QB Rams; Enough said.

Predictions? That even though we are only halfway through the season, I will receive as many trade offers from people other then Jay, the Chris's and Clayton as I have up to this point. That would be zero. A league is made up of individuals who come together to do something fun. When I first started in this league Wednesday was the busiest night of my life with several trades a week being offered. I don't get it.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1999

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