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Here are the Zippo and Windmill lighter prices from the cooperative lighter deal:

Zippo Brushed Chrome lighter $6.48 each
Zippo Polished Brass lighter $8.98 each
Zippo Wicks (24 pack) $8.16
Zippo Orange lighter $10.00 each
Zippo Cammo lighter $11.00 each
Zippo lighter fluid w/ flints $1.20 each
Windmill Clear/Black lighter $26.00 each
Windmill Glow-n-dark lighter $32.00 each

Here is a link that describes the Windmill:

The wholesaler said that he needed the order no later than 11/15 in order for it to be delivered to me before Christmas. I feel that we should have the order in by 11/8 in order for me to have time to ship them all out and reach you before Christmas. So please let me know if you are interested. I personally have one orange, one cammo, and one glow-n-dark. I like the versatility of the Zippo and really like the glow-n-dark Windmill.

Jeff Sandfort (, October 30, 1999.

Thank you for your attention.

Jeff Sandfort

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-- Jeff Sandfort (, November 04, 1999


Hi Jeff...what size bottle of lighter fluid is that?


-- beej (, November 04, 1999.

Hi Everyone,

The Zippo fuel comes in a 4 oz. can along with 6 flints.


-- Jeff Sandfort (, November 05, 1999.

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