Mid-Season Report

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Q. Who has been the steal of the draft? A. Stephen Davis ($5)

Q. Biggest Bust barring injury? A. Randell Cunningham ($280)

Q. Most devastating Injury? A. Vinny Testaverde

Q. Best Trade? A. Brad Johnson for Steve Young & M. Westbrook

Q. Worst Trade? A. Jimmy Smith, Dillon, Dawkins & Andersen for Irvin, Marino, Holt & Allen

Q. Best Owner (Midseason)? A. Gary

Q. Best Free Agent? A. Kurt Warner (I don't see him on the draft board/player value so...)

Q. 2nd Half predictions? A. Too crazy a season to forcast. I have no idea.

That's my opinion, I could be wrong.


-- Anonymous, November 04, 1999


My thoughts

Q. The steal of the draft? If its not Fred Taylor $380 then its gotta be Stephen Davis $5.

Q. Biggest Bust? Toss up between Favre, Moss and Bettis.

Q. Most devasting injury? Vinny Testaverde (single handedly ended John's season)

Q. Best Trade? Johnson and Watters for Bledsoe

Q. Worst Trade? Moulds for Dillon

Q. Owner of the Mid year? It has to be Clayton. Everyone wrote him off after his trade with Kevin and he is still hanging around top 3.

Q. Best Free agent move? Kurt Warner

Q. Predictions? 1.Now that I just said K.Warner was the best free agent move he will go into the tank and cost me the season.

2.Jay, Marc and Clayton will make about 30 more trades.

3. Corrie and John will not turn a team in for the rest of the year.

4. Matt will end up playing all three of the Viking QBs.

5. The Kris's will keep on trying to improve their team, end up in 6th to 8th place which is a strong mark for first year owners and should be enough to win them rookie of the year honors.

6. Marc will end up in 4th. He will curse and yell about how he will not make any trades next season which will be followed next season with Marc making the most trades.

7. I will screw up Jay's weekly score at least 4 more times.

8. Clayton will make 2 more trades that will cost him the league and then finish in the money.

9. Adam will make no moves, finish in the top 5 and then kick all of our asses next year when b.Sanders and Hearst return for a measly $50.

10. Finally, I guarantee John will finish in last. Besides that, it is anyones league.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1999

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