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Hi Everyone...just came back from St Kitts island in the Caribbean. While out there visiting formum member, Chris Griffen (from the UK), I discovered that they have canned processed cheese. It comes in two or four pound cans. But more exciting is that they have canned butter. The brand is ANCHOR and its from NZ. I brought home one can to try and if its palatble, Chis will ship me a case of it. Its very expensive out in the islands and the butter is no exception. It works out to be about US$3.28 per pound. But I figure it may be worth it. I will have to find out if I have to pay customs on it, plus I will have to find out the price for mailing. Will let you know. The canned cheese works out about US$8 for two pounds. Chris and hubby ( who is still in the UK packing up the paper mill to ship) received their residency papers while I was there. Took them 3 years to get them. But now Chris has started working on her little house on the mountain side overlooking the Atlantic. Yes, they are on the windward side of the island. She figures its the ultimate bug out place and that they can raise a lot of their own food there. I am not so convinced. When you go into a grocery store, its all from the US with the exception of canned meats from Denmark, canned butter and cheese. Its like going into an American store. (only prices are more than double) Thus, I had to tell Chris what stuff was. She had never eaten a dish made with dried beans, thus couldn't understand why we Americans were buying all these beans for y2k. Never ate corn bread either. She has a lot of work ahead of her getting her little house cleaned out of bats, painting the inside, putting in some screens (no glass or screens, just wooden shutters) putting in plumbing and getting water to the place from about 1/2 mile away. Forget electricity. There is an internet cafe that opened last week, in town, and Chris signed up and will be getting on and checking the forum now and then. So I expect that you will hear from her. In the meantime, its back to the dollar store for me with Chris's list in hand. I will be sending her some care packages before turn over.

Taz...who is glad to be home!

-- Taz (, November 04, 1999


Good to see you back.

See this page (Australian):

Canned Butter

12 oz Canned Butter 16 oz Canned Butter 2kg Canned Butter

-- Old Git (, November 04, 1999.

don't forget clarified butter from odells. they sell it by the case in 10 oz tubs and it lasts for a year on the shelf. 12-10oz containers for $43 i think. because it is clarified-- it actually equates to 1.25 the amount of butter so you use less.

-- tt (, November 04, 1999.

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