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Of the total number of electrons removed from a surface by an incident highly charged ion, what fraction is emitted from above the "above the surface" (rather than "at" or "below" the surface), for a variety of cases.

-- Anonymous, November 03, 1999


Thanks,Uwe! Perhaps this can be one of the values of this discussion site--an archive of where in the literature to find answers to basic questions. Now when I say to myself "I know I asked Uwe about this once and the answer was published, but I forget where" I can just return to the discussion page and look up the answer.

-- Anonymous, November 17, 1999

This problem has been addressed in a recent paper by the HMI group (Thomaschewski et al. PRA 57, 3665 (1998)) and more recently and for very slow ions by us (Ducree et al. PRA 60, 3029 (1999) see Fig.12.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 1999

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