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I am a student at Harper Adams agricultural college and have to write a paper on the effects of big retailing chaines on its wider environment (producers, distributors, consumers, local retailers...) I would like to concentrate on the effects big supermarkets have on producers in the third world. Does anyone know where I could find information on this subject ?

-- Nanke Stein (, November 01, 1999


You might want to try contacting an +Ontario Public Interest Research Group;. OPIRGs are found on various university campuses throughout Ontario, Canada. Similar groups exist in the different provinces. A while ago, one of the PIRGs came out with a piece on something similar to what you're working on. However, I saw it only briefly so cannot elaborate or help out; sorry!

I hope this information is not getting to you too late. Good luck, Natalie

-- Natalie Gravelle (, December 02, 1999.

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