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this has it all

-- aware (Pay@attention.folks), October 28, 1999


It wouldn't let me view and pages--said I was not authorized to view them?

-- Curly~Q (Curly@Q.COM), October 28, 1999.

This is the scariest information I have ever seen on any website. A MUST read for anyone who wishes to be informed about what is REALLY going on!

-- FOX (, October 28, 1999.

Help,can't get through anybody have a link?

-- Daryll (, October 28, 1999.

Great site. I had no problem getting to the site from the address above.

-- Carol (, October 28, 1999.

couldn't get in either- said it couldn't be found. Link anyone??

-- farmer (, October 28, 1999.

I couldn't access it, either.

-- Shivani Arjuna (, October 28, 1999.

not that i haven't seen so much of this before. but doesn't this blow your mind that we have people that are so bizarre as to propose these things (like tagging money and taxing people for holding it). then doesn't it amaze you that no one is saying STOP THIS B------ T!!!! when i see things like this i know that there is a malevolent force behind it (satan) because it is being so intricately done on so many levels and one day it will go "click" (just like cogs being fitted into place) and we will have a full blown tyranny in place with NO ESCAPE. wow.

-- tt (, October 28, 1999.

Aware, I think if you put this on the other forum someone will link it for you. It is worth reading for everyone since it is so informative. Just list as OT. I don't know why everyone is having so much trouble getting to the site.

-- FOX (, October 29, 1999.

-- Darlene (, October 29, 1999.

I gave it a try and still can not hot link. Mabe another time.

-- Darlene (, October 29, 1999.

When you cut and paste a cold link, be sure your cursor doesn't go "above" or "below" the line at the beginning or end of the URL. If the Location box "sees" two lines coming in, it won't accept them. So do your copying SLOWLY and make sure you cut it off cleanly on one line.

-- Old Git (, October 29, 1999.

Getting into Geo Cities can be a problem for some, but I forget why. This is a very large opening page, so loading will take some time.


-- Lilly (, October 29, 1999.

My first impression of this site - an electronic National Inquirer - exercise your common sense while browsing

-- mom (, October 30, 1999.

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