LZW Loosy or Lossless???

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Is a LZW compressed tiff going to look as good as a tiff that's three time bigger? Is it the smae bit depth? How can the LZW file be so much small?

Priliminary test I've done show no difference. Anybody have an answer, I can't seem to find any info in books or zines

-- Chris Mensing (cmensing@e-g.com), October 27, 1999


LZW is a lossless compression. It's doesn't change anything in the image. LZW (as ervery compression) takes time, it takes more time to save and open the image. LZW removes repeated data within the image (simply speaking), therefore the compression factor is different for every image.

-- Peter Roehl (proehl@mail.dunzwolff.de), November 17, 1999.

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