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Earlier this month I attended a conference as an attendee and photographer. My pay was admittance into the week long conference. My job was to shoot the conference and the happenings for the host of the conference. This conference was a world wide gathering for a well know software.

During the conference I was asked what would become of the pictures, we (myself and the other photographers and the host) decided to make a CD of all the images (~700 digital and negs). Now as we get closer to press of the CD, I'm wondering about legal ramifications. I want to put a teaser out on the web showing a sampling of the photos, then an order form. What I'm charging is minimal for the work involved. ($15)

Has anyone done anything similiar? There where 350 participants, the images are pretty much group shots and things happening. If you weren't there, it wouldn't mean much to you. (No releases where signed.)

I was also asked by the software people to possibly do this, sponsered by them next year. So this could end up very nice.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Bobbe Singer

-- Bobbe Singer (, October 25, 1999


Bobbe, you should post this question on Photo District News' bulletin board. Their home page is Bruce

-- Bruce M. Herman (, October 27, 1999.

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