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You will note that there is no Article #4. As far as I am concerned there was no Week 4. Under 70 points when you are just out of first sucks!!!!!!!

John was wrong, he didn't get this years Cunningham. That brilliant piece of management decisionary (is that a word?) goes to G, who not coincidentally is also the first place manager.

Kevin is a formidable opponent with superstars up and down the roster. I think I should officially clear the air on this Tony Robinns scandal 99. My good natured ribbing of Kevin has turned him into a powerful cruel man. Kevin, come on you know I love the Trojans, not my fault that they can't beat UCLA. Stop the grudge and trade me Antonio.

Did I not tell you people that Freeman was about to go off. I hate when I am right but maybe next time you will listen to me Clayton.

Clayton I do owe yuo a thanks however, you sir have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that size really does matter. A little roster has shaken your very grip on your manhood. My God man, pull it together. Young and Westbrook for Johnson? You go boy, hang in there :-)

G and I pulled off similiar trades, we both gave away players weeks before they got hurt. I traded away Means and Carter, who both go down and G gave away Irvin. Of course Brunnell hasn't lived up to his billing yet, ditto Jimmy Smith. I just don't have Warner and Bruce. What a week G.

Correct me if I am wrong ( a large possibility) but have we ever had such a seperation of the league this early before? It is only week 5 and there is already a 250+ point diffrence from first and last. I think the reason is the keepers. When JOhn realized how bad he had done he went after keepers instead of trying to win. Jay has gone the same route and their scores reflect it.

The question then becomes; Is this good for the league?

I am reserving judgement until the season has a chance to play itself out.

See you on the other side.

-- Anonymous, October 14, 1999


good for the league?


Would it be better for John to languish through out the season with a team that can't compete?

Now, I think Jay jumped the gun on his fire sale. Third place was very much within his grasp and I think he could have made a run at 1st with a good trade. So maybe the keeper ideal has forced some misjudgment on how to run a team, but we haven't had anyone quit yet so I must take that as a positive sign.


-- Anonymous, October 14, 1999

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