Some useful articles found in the new Real Goods catalogue : LUSENET : TimeBomb 2000 (Y2000) Preparation Forum : One Thread occasionally sends out a catalogue filled with their solas stuff--I mean the complicated stuff--and this is one of those issues. But there are some not-so-expensive useful items nevertheless:

60-gall rain barrel, $89 (but I prefer the 75-gall, $110 barrel at

Downspout diverter for barrels, $19.95

Kolaps-a-tank, large nylon water tank, to fit in back of 5 x 8 pickupo, but folds up very small, 275-gall, $409, 525-gall, $489, 800-gall, $599

Several water filters, inc. Katadyn

2 solar showers, one $14.95, the other $45

Radiant barrier (insulate attic), 500 sf, $89

Low-E window film, 36" x 15', $34.95, 24" x 15', $29.95, 48" x 15" $44.95

Electric bike and scooter

Batteryrechargers, solar and otherwise

Rechargeable batteries

LED stuff (limited amount, I have the Maglite with the LED bulb and I like it)

Several types of Baygen Freeplays, 2 other radios

Their regular catalogue has more useful stuff, such as oil lamps, battery-operated fan, etc.

-- Old Git (, October 13, 1999

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