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Ok, should I have said yes to Rats Nest?

If I ever do front a band, what should I name it?

If you could sing one song on stage and totally rock on it - what song would you choose?

-- Allison (, October 11, 1999


Rats Nest? Didn't people do that to their hair in the 50s? I have a hamster and he has a CAGE, not a nest. Maybe they should have been called Rats Cage.

Anyway, I bought the DVD for 200 Cigs before I saw it. Then I watched it and spent the entire time going "uh...." Definately not a DVD worthy purchase :)

Alison's dream: to sing with Del Amitri. ::sigh:: I mean, I've got the knowing the bad part down; when will they let me on stage, dammit!! Shh

-- alison (, October 12, 1999.

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