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Is there anybody who would like to be able to locate their PC in the labs? I've asked the support staff about this, and they said they would look into it if there is sufficient (a lot of) interest. This will help to forestall the inevitable shortage that will come towards the end of the year.

-- Noel Welsh (, October 11, 1999


Does anyone still use this? Guess this is a good test....

This sounds a good idea, it would be nice to connect to my little PC to the outside world. I dont have it with me at the moment so I'm not bothered at the mo. - but I would be come project time.

-- Luke (, November 03, 1999.

During week 0, I asked the support folks about hooking my laptop up to the network. They told me there was no way. They'd have to make a private firewalled subnet for us in order to keep the department machines secure from our untrusted machines. That makes it significantly more hassle than just dropping in a few new wires for us. So I understand why they're reluctant, but it would be of huge value to me, especially once I'm working on my project. It would also mean I'd use the department machines less, which I'm sure everyone would enjoy.

There is, in theory, a way to hook a laptop up to the net at the main library. I applied for access back in week 0, but never heard anything back. The folks at the library say I they probably just lost my paperwork, which would imply that the service really does exist. (And I've seen the wires.) For more info, go to the EUCS office near the Mac lab on the fourth floor of the main library.

-- Seth Golub (, November 09, 1999.

This is a followup to my own note. They had mailed my general student account (matricNum@sms), which I never check. In theory, I can get online at the library.

-- Seth Golub (, November 11, 1999.

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