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I tested the batch plot utility - it works great and is much easier to use than a plot script (i.e. R14). I selected thrity or so drawings from an old CBS project that we're resurrecting and set it up to print to the new printer. It took about 10 minutes or less, and you are able to specify on a per-sheet basis or group basis whether you want a file to be printed in model space or paper space (Model Tab or Layout Tab).

You can also specify portrait or landscape layout, but cannot specify the size of paper from the batch plot program. You have to have a drawing with a saved plot setting to a non-default paper size in order to import that setting to the other drawings (which CAN be done within the batch plot utility).

So far, I'm impressed. Next I'll test customizing the paper size, then move on to plotting on the large-format plotters.

-- Anonymous, October 07, 1999

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