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We are interested in increasing the print speed of our HP 3000's.

Currently we are printing to Novell queues that are being serviced by JetDirect cards in the printers. NT will not allow the the detection of the queues unless there is a driver installed and so it appears that we are printing to NT. ("The slow way") We have set NT to print directly to the printer, however, and the files are sent at 100 base T speeds to the Novell queue, where it is fed to the JetDirect card in the printer.

Since the print files are in the Novell queue, they can be also be completely managed and controlled. (Hold, delete, # of copies, etc)

Under this scenario, is it possible to increase the speed of the printing? Will widemask *really* double print speed without impacting quality?

If I go to a Netport as suggested on the Onyx website, I will be sending the files to the printers from the Netports via a parallel port. A dedicated one, but still an old, slow, parallel port. This sounds like a step backward from the 10 base T JD cards, or do the JD cards feed the printer via an internal parallel? Does the Netport use a special parallel port? I seem to be missing some part of this puzzle. Or am I just misinformed?



-- steve kuykendall (, October 07, 1999

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