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E-Mail Instructions. The six machines are connected to the University e-mail. Here are the steps to access and demo the e-mail capabliity. The address is in this format Senior1@aiken.sc.edu. To send mail in the lab you only need username eg. Senior1. 1.) Start Internet Explorer. 2.) From the url location line type in the URL aiken.sc.edu/exchange. Omit www. 3.) On First Window Microsoft Outlook Web Access, Type in the logon box Senior1 to Senior6 depending on the machine. 4.) Press where it says click here. 5.) On next dialogue Box type Senior1 -to 6 password senior1 to 6 (case sensitive) 6.) This brings up mail window with Inbox & mail icons. 7.) Click on Envelope icon on the mail tool bar to open a new mail file. Send a demo letter to one of the other Senior(1-6) Userid/machine names.

-- Anonymous, October 04, 1999


New E-mail Instructions: New Procedures For E-mail Instructions:

The ten machines are now configured to use Outlook Express the same e-mail service that the students will most likely use from home. It can be started in one of two ways.

1.) Start Internet Explorer from the desktop and use the mail server this way by Pressing the mail button on the Tool bar. This brings up a pop up menu. Select either Read Mail or New message.

2.) Start Outlook Express itself. Use the Compose Message button on the Tool bar and then use send/receive. The ten systems are still used the same way. Senior1 to 10 password is senior1 to 10 (case sensitive). To send a demo letter to one of the other Senior(?) userid/machine names just use the userid. For instance in class work the id is Senior1 but to send a mail from outside the university the address is Senior1@aiken.sc.edu.

-- Anonymous, February 07, 2000

The Outlook Express mail program can be started either of two ways. Start the Internet Explorer browser and use the mail button to read mail or write a new message. Or start the Outlook Express program use the compose message button or read mail button. For the Students to send mail it appears it is best to have them send the mail to a fully qualified name ie. Senior1@aiken.sc.edu. The new systems are now labeled Senior7 thru Senior10. Senior7 is the system furthest from the door

-- Anonymous, February 08, 2000

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