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1) You can have multiple windows open within one session of AutoCAD like most other Windows programs.

2) They added tabs at the bottom of each drawing very similar to Excel, pre-named "Model" and "Layout". These tabs correspond to "modelspace" (TILEMODE 1 or T1) and "paperspace" (TILEMODE 0 or T0).

3) Plotting can be done in either Model or Layout view, just like the old version. The idea, however, is for plotting to be done from Layout, with the ability to bring in multiple viewports on the same page. In additions, you can have multiple Layout tabs (unlike r14, where you only had one paperspace). This will be helpful when you are producing 2 different presentation formats of the same drawings (like 24x36 and 11x17).

4) Layering is the same with both versions. I tested a script and it worked fine. It also seemed to preserve "front" and "back" settings for images and solids in back of lines (for presentations). I don't think a REGEN is required when you open the file.

5) Plot settings have been enhanced and complicated. More info TBA as I deal with this issue.

-- Anonymous, October 04, 1999

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