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The TRADE: $540 spent on 3 players traded for 3 players that went for a grand total of $249, you do the math.

O.K. lets be fair, money is not always the best measuring stick (See Testeverde) so lets look at this trade the only fair way to analyze anything, by the players.

Faulk of the Rams for James of the Colts, does this sound familiar to anyone? The reason Faulk is a Ram is because the Colts wouldn't pay him, so off he goes. James is brought in and made Faulks clone. The man has two 100 yard games and he is a keeper among keepers. Faulk is very nice and definately the better player to have this year.

The wide receivers consists of Freeman of the Packers and Thigpen of the Oilers for Mayes of the Seahawks and Engram of the Bears. Excuse me? Does that say Freeman? How does a guy go from number 1 or 2 to tradeable for Derrick Mayes? Not unless I am getting Bledsoe for Stewart do I give up Freeman for Mayes ever period. I am sorry Clayton, you are my friend but the idea of having 12 slots has rotted your brian, shop him for craps sake. Kevin congrats, I won't even get into the fact that Thigpen for Engram is a farce all unto its self.

Clayton has in one move shifted the balance of polwer in this league. You can argue with me if you want and tell me how it is a fair trade for any numerous reasons, I mean after all, Freeman has been disappointing so far. Granted...I will give you that. I will also give you that it is WEEK fucking 3. Give me a break, let's think for just a moment, can we? The rest of the offense is working because they are concentrating on Freeman, they had to make the other receivers prove themselves, guess what... Farve did it for them. Now Freeman wil be Freeman. It's simple football knowledge, and I know Clayton knows better...Enough said.

What to delve into next? How about these numbers; 1-11 would represent the combined record of the 4 teams that represented the AFC and NFC in the Championship games a year ago. The lone win came in week 1 when the Falcons and the Vikings played eachother. Someone had to win. It's so bad that at the very least one of them is going 0-4 cause it's the Broncos and the Jets Sunday.

How fast did the two most repected head coaches (The Tuna is easily recognized for his brilliance. The Jets were 3-13 just 3 years ago, when he decided to leave the Super Bowl represenative to coach them; Mike Shannon is the two-time defending Super Bowl Champion Head Coach; enough said again) So how come they ain't so smart without their QB's? I can understand the Jets because they have lost TWO huge players, Since Vinny went down, no one has mentioned that Chrebet is gone. Think Keyshawn wants him back? I wouldn't be suprised he misses both of them equally. Martin went from a VERY GOOD RUNNING BACK to a guy you are hoping catches fire. I know...I have him in another league.

I would be intrested in hearing how you guys are doing if you have other teams. I also have a mission for everyone. With 3 weeks behind us I would like a blurp from EVERYONE on how they feel so far about their team. This may come as a shock but I like most of mine. But my three week window has passed and after this weeks byes I want to deal.

I'll see ya on the other side.

-- Anonymous, September 30, 1999


This trade has not been confirmed yet.

Marc as written too soon. Although I am sure both parties will eventually confirm this trade it has not officially happened. I hope this does not put any extra stress on the parties in this trade to be forced to follow through with it.

Your commissioner


-- Anonymous, October 01, 1999

Now It has and I blame Marc!!!

The trade has been confirmed.

-- Anonymous, October 01, 1999

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