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The outer shell of my can motors are secured with one screw and hot to the frame. Any hints on how to isolate the motor while still keeping alaignent with the gearbox (my fingers are a lot larger than the screw and it's really hard to get in there)?

-- Chris Dante (, September 28, 1999


After reading my question again I think I was somewhat unclear. Even though I have isolated both wires to the can motor, the outside shell is still hot to the frame, is this going to cause me problems?

-- Chris Dante (, September 28, 1999.

Motor isolation problems can occur when one of the motor leads is connected to the loco frame. Can motors usually don't have the motor leads tied to the frame internal to the motor. (But some locos do have that connection external to the motor.) Check it this way... Disconnect both motor leads at the end opposite of the motor. Temporarily connect them together. Use a VOM/Ohmeter to measure resistance from lead(s)to motor frame. Any reading lower than many Meg-Ohms indicates that the can is 'hot' and needs to be insulated from the loco chassis.

-- Don Vollrath (, September 29, 1999.

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