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I am setting this up for instructors and coaches to exchange information about problems they encounter in the course. Week 4 there was a problem that the "drag and Drop" feature in Works was not enabled as a result no class could do the lesson as described in the book. What is of particular concern, is that I am the 4th class to cover the material out of 6 classes and no one had warned me or the Tuesday instructors. The problem was diagnosed by Will Hills after the Tuesday class. The bottom line is that NONE of the students completed the exercise successfully. This week there is an error in the manual and again no one took any action to notify the staff in other classes. (Figure 5-13, line 15 should be cumulative rather than month by month).

So I hope this will be a vehicle for communicating between classes. If you run into any problems or suspected problems just post them here. If the Drag and Drop enabling problem would have been posted here I am sure it would have been corrected beofre everyone ha dit bomb in class.

I appreciate your work and hope you will take this little step to impprove communications. The advantage of posting it here is that everyone has access to it, it can be reached from home as well as when you are in the classroom.


-- Anonymous, September 27, 1999


Errors in Lesson7 -- The Internet & the world wide web. The instruction booklet says to type in and Seniornet1 machines gives an error saying it cannot access the url located at http:// Please notice the extra http://. If you get this message just type on the Address text box and the system will insert the one http:// needed to connect to the proper url. You can also connect to seniornet by using Favorites from the Toolbar. See page 7.5 in the text. thanks, Bob

-- Anonymous, October 08, 1999

Some intermittent problems on a few machines were noticed again today Oct. 26. At startup of systems there is usually a Novelle Network menu window that we normally just cancel. Today the mouse would not work and we could not press cancel to delete this popup menu. If this happens just press ctrl-alt delete to bring up the Windows Task List. The uppermost task on the list will be highlighted and not responding. Just press task-end button and then everything will be OK when the errant task is terminated. Try it, you will like it.

-- Anonymous, October 26, 1999

Network problems were rampant today 10/26/99 across campus. I'm not surprised there were problems with the class. Hopefully they will be resolved by tomorrow.


-- Anonymous, October 26, 1999

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