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Lots of moves this week. Here we go..

Matt: picked up E. Rhett and K. Poole. Dropped JJ Stokes and Karim Abdul Jabbar.

Gary: Picked up the Pathers and Gramatica. Dropped E. Green and O. Mare

Clayton: Picked up the Rams and B. Morris. Dropped LaFleur and the Saints

Marc: Picked up the Bills. Dropped B. Brister

John: Picked up J. Stewart, Hanspard, Foley, and Odonnell. Dropped Blake, Kaufman, Fryar, and Testeverde.

Kristie: Picked up BJ Hobert and T. Kirby. Dropped Dilfer and L. Warren

Jay: Picked up D.Brien and L. Davis. Dropped Chumura and J. Harris.

-- Anonymous, September 24, 1999

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