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I live in Louisiana where there are very few midwives and fewer doulas. I have had four children, and am beginning a doula practice. I have most of the necessities (child care, equipment, cards and brochures) in the works. My problem is that with no other doulas in the area, I don't have a mentor. I am not certifying yet, needing the finances to do it first. I don't have any connections with doulas or doula programs. I've sent two of the doulas from other cities (far away)emails asking if I could ask questions and get support, but haven't heard back. Are there any sites that have a long-distance mentoring program, or would any here be willing? Thank you Mik

-- Mikayla Johnson (, September 23, 1999


You should also try talking with the childbirth educators in your area. Often they work as doulas for their clients and may have considerable experience. I also had no one to learn under when I began my practice- I just dove in. I didn't charge for the first bunch of births as I was getting certified and learned as I went. Those first moms still keep in touch and felt well supported so I guess it was a good deal. I didn't know nearly what I know now but I did let those moms know that they were doing a great job, rubbed their backs and helped them change positions as well as get them cool cloths and drinks. You can do the same. You can also get wonderful support on the doula e-mail list at They are a wonderful group and are comprised of doulas all over the world.

-- Kirsten Gerrish (, December 04, 1999.

Hey Mikayla...I am new to this area Monroe Louisiana and have been here for a year...I gave birth at home and I am starting my doula training ... I also plan on being a midwife...would love to chat with ya...I don't know a doula or midwife at all here in Louisiana. Hope this reaches you! Chelita

-- Chelita Lundell (, June 27, 2003.

I am a certified childbirth educator with CAPPA, and in training for labor doula. Am also the CAPPA LA State Rep. If anyone needs a referral for CBE, LE or LD e-mail me and I can get you a list.

CAPPA offers certifications in the following areas: Childbirth Education, Lactation Education, Antepartum Doula, Labor Doula, Postparutm Doula, Teen Childbirth Education, Teen Lactation Education, and Adoption Services.

CAPPA is on the web at

-Michelle Schnaars, CCCE

-- Michelle Schnaars (, May 05, 2004.

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