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Doc Schenker has stirred my interest in colloidal silver. I checked out what was available at a local nutrition store, and they had a brand called Wellness/Ultra Colloidal in 2 oz. 30 ppm for $16.99, 1 oz. nasal spray 10 ppm for $9.99 and 4 oz. 10 ppm for $26.50...also a brand called Futurebiotics in 2 oz. 10 ppm for $16.99.

Any of you CS fans, are these good brands and prices? What would you stock for ten people? I know I should learn to make it, but am swamped with other preps. I hope this stuff has a long shelf life!

-- Mumsie (, September 23, 1999


Whoa, Mumsie.

IMO, buying colloidal silver from a store is a major waste of money. It costs pennies to make it yourself -- once you have the proper setup. You can buy a basic CS generator for about (guessing, as I haven't looked on the 'net recently) $75, which includes .99% pure silver rods. With this setup you will be able to make gallons of CS (one gallon is over $800 worth at the best price you mentioned in your message).

Do it yourself!

-- Dean -- from (almost) Duh Moines (, September 23, 1999.

I would like to buy the set up and make this stuff myself. Has anyone on the forum bought over the net? If so, were you satisfied, what was the price, what's the address??? Any response would be greatly appreciated. I bought a little jar of the stuff at my health food store, and it has worked on everything I have used it on....fever blister, gum sore, and misc cuts.

-- jeanne (, September 23, 1999.

Mumsie, once being an old time GN forum regular, the debate on collodial silver was very heavey pro and con. Here is one site that I bookmarked and I found it again after the interest here on the stuff. Please read this article and be sure to click on Rosemary Jacobs to read her story. Everyone needs to know about the benefits plus the risk involved using collodial silver. ml

-- Carol (, September 23, 1999.

I read all the stuff on colloidal silver and then talked to a chemist friend. There's lots of talk about x-molecule fragments as opposed to y-molecule, but nobody has supplied ANY data showing that a given voltage actually creates a given size. There is no test (short of having a million-dollar microscope) to evaluate the product. And there are some real dangers if you end up making the wrong stuff.

If anyone can supply useful info along these lines, please respond. Questions are:

(1) how to evaluate the strength of a solution. What is the quantitative test, and what other chemical do I need to conduct that test, to show whether I have a strong or weak batch?

(2) how to measure or control particle size. What is the correlation between voltage and particle size? Hows can I tell, after creating a batch, what particle size I have?

(3) how to ensure that contaminants are not present in the fluid. I don't mean how to ensure that contaminants don't get INTO the batch ("use distilled water") but how do you measure contaminants after creating the batch.

Anybody? Please, not a stack of links to other threads, but a link to a peer-reviewed paper on the issue would be GREAT!

-- bw (home@puget.sound), September 23, 1999.

On a potentially life changing topic such as Y2K or Colloidal Silver, it is usually best to form your own opinion after you have educated yourself about all aspects of the issue. The easiest way to educate yourself these days is to do a simple search on the topic using the search engine that comes with your Netscape or Internet Explorer software. Read all the information on the topic, not just the ones you personally agree with. Then form your own conclusion based on as many facts as you can uncover. One of the places this topic has been discussed on this forum can be found at the end of the following post: First Aid Supplies and Medical Reference Books

Best Wishes, An Old School Teacher

-- An Old School Teacher (, September 23, 1999.

to test for silver at the ppm level..1 would be to use an a.a. unit (atomic absorbtion)or icp. check your local college or precious metal refinery eddy

-- eddy (, September 23, 1999.


I agree with Dean. Make your own setup. I am not adept at these things and I was able to make mine. I used a composite of the instructions on various sites. (3 9v batteries, 28v bulb in series, heat shrink insulation instead of soldering, distilled water, silver wire (0.999) from Freshmans, etc.)

My first batch went according to what the instructions had led me to expect. Using distilled water and pure silver wire, the bulb lit only dimly or not at all. (During the process I stirred with a plastic spoon handle, must be plastic, and the light went back out) I kept the two ends of the wires around 1" apart, but not touching. Processed about 30min. Solution turned pale yellow after a day or so. I am storing in a plastic container, within a metal container with a lid. The only exception to my expectations was the laser test. My husband's laser pointer shown through the product while inside a glass jar did not produce anything like a "cone" effect. Maybe I am misunderstanding that part of the instructions.

I agree with a previous post that one must read up and take responsibility for its usage. I am planning to use mine in the event of an emergency.

BTW, I really appreciate your posts. I always learn something.

Mostly a lurker,


-- Workfromhomemom (, September 23, 1999.

Check out this site - We have ordered and used their CS generator with positive results.

-- New Kid on the Block (, September 24, 1999.

Buying your own CS factory from for only $79 will save you many thousands of dollars over a life time. Savings in doctor bills, and time off work, etc. etc.

-- freddie (, September 24, 1999.


"At 03:49 PM 9/22/99 -0700, you wrote:

Dear Dr. Schenker First thank you for all the wonderful posts and great information. I am making colloidal silver and wondered if you would have time to answer just a couple of questions. I have done a lot of research on the net but get mostly articles from people who want to sell me something. So anyway here goes. First, I have had good luck with my silver in that it seems to have cleared up a bladder infection, an infected throat and an abscessed tooth( actually just kept that under control but very well till I got it pulled)"

Dear Nancy:

Tnx for the clinical report. That jives with other reports I've gotten over the past several years.

"I make my silver with distilled grocery store water, boiled in a glass pan. I add just a touch of canning salt on a toothpick and use three batteries. My concern is that it does not turn gold but a white color. Everything seems to be suspended at least you cant see any particles at all even after several days. I do get some black crud on my electrode. This solution has no metallic taste or very very little."

You are an accurate observer, Nancy. Your findings were the same as mine, as I researched the product that Mark Metcalf markets (I assume that's the unit you --- or else a copy of same.) That investigation led me to discover that Mr. Metcalf is basically a salesman, and is not above bald-faced lying. His product does have some effectiveness, but it's pretty low in concentration. "I worry about this because most of the articles suggest that gold is the indicator of the smallest particle size and I bought some at a health food store that was very good at curing a flu virus in a matter of hours."

Yes, there are all kinds of stories floating around about the significance of the color & it's supposed relationship to particle size.

"This had a distintly metallic taste."

I've ended up using that metallic taste as a good sign that I've made effective C.S.

"If I am going to have to help those who have no other options I need to know the best information so I can make the best solution."

It was that same goal that motivated me to do my research. Most of the questions and doubts you have are addressed in the thread "Post-Y2K Colloidal Silver? -- IV." The particular post on that thread of most value is "March 24th (1998) Update." The thread is on , what used to be the old Gary North forum. The following is a short guide on how to navigate that website's archives:


Unfortunately I've got no time (nor am I good at paperwork) to compile a list of technical references. Also, unfortunately this TB2000 doesn't even have a simple 'search' function -- so there's no easy way for you to make up your own list from some of my detailed posts here since mid-Spring. However, much/most of my technical writings were posted on the ( forum during 1997 and 1998. And that software DOES have a search function. Go the URL, click on 'Options'. Then on the 'forums' check off 'General Discussion', 'Alternative Energy', 'Y2k Survival', 'Dr. Schenker Speaks', 'Ham Radio Operators - QRU'. On the drop-down menu of 'Listed Threads' choose the one with no time frame (the row of hyphens). You can also type in "Schenker" in the 'Filtered by keyword' box --- I don't really know if that works or not. Then click on 'OK.' This route will give you a whole bunch of postings among many threads, by many different authors, including mine. I think this method will give you a good perspective.

If on the other hand, you want to restrict what comes up to only my posts then instead of clicking on 'Options' at the onset, click on 'Search.' Leave the 'Query' box empty. In the 'Scope' box highlight 'All Forums.' In author type 'Schenker.' Then click on 'Search.' That should get you all my posts. You'll have to sort thru them to find the particular bits of info you want.

Give this a whirl and report in if you run into trouble with the archives.


You'll notice the reference above to the TimeBomb2000 Forum & it's lack of search facilities. However, if you'll go into "Older Messages" and look for anything to do with C.S. you'll see posts by Roger Altman and by me. Roger's work is ground-breaking, and removed my concern with taking C.S. on a maintenance/prophylactic basis. You'd do well to read that stuff.

"Last is it possible to make silver with AC?"

Yes, but it's beyond the average layman's expertise -- dangerous unless you know what you're doing.

"Can you get 30v AC/DC adapters? I could use this with an inverter or plug it into a generator in case finding good batteries becomes a problem."

The way that works, Nancy, is that if you're having trouble 'finding good batteries' it means the infrastructure has gone down. For me that means no power grid. Without that AC/DC adapters are worthless. Also, what will you do after you run out of generator fuel? The best answer to your question is to buy some small PV (Photovoltaic) panels and make your C.S. from the sunlight, direct, without batteries. That's what I do. And I explain the nitty gritties in my posts on

"Thank you in advance for your time. Please know it will help many more people than just myself. And again thank you for all the information on this and everything else. Nancy _________ "

Good luck with your preps -- hope it well help you and yours. God Bless,


-- William J. Schenker, MD (, September 24, 1999.

"failed the laser test"? "Use the metallic taste as a sign..."?

You may think this amounts to quality control, but I find it really scary. It doesn't sound like anyone has any clue what they're doing. (Sounds like some hams I was talking with the other day, who said that with a certain rig their hand got real hot while they were transmitting. Hello? You're cooking your hand with RF! Can't you smell the bacon frying?) This CS crowd is doing experiments on their bodies that would call for a war crimes trial if done on others! I guess that's your right, but it's kinda scary.

The idea of a topical and possibly ingestible medicine, with as broad a usage range as CS reputedly has, is enormously attractive. I'd sure like to try it topically, when I get a little time free (I'm also doing LED stuff and other projects). But you're taking it INTERNALLY with almost no idea what you're getting.

Workfromhomemom, any idea what that 28v bulb was FOR? You don't give wattage, which would tell us the resistance. Unless you wanted it to light the room, or purely to indicate current, you actually are using the resistance, and the "28v" is totally meaningless. So what WAS the resistance and why did you want it? I'll concede that your heart is in the right place, nobody here seems to have any bad intent, but you have no clue what the resulting fluid really IS! Is that ok with you?

You all are tossing ideas around as if you understood them, and someone's going to get hurt. Of course, the ones who poison themselves quit posting, so we won't hear about that.

eddy, thanks for the tip. Never heard of it. Hey, I'm a newbie at this subject, too. But for the rest, two of my questions still stand. (1) How do you measure or control particle size. Where's the research, where are the numbers? What does particle size mean? (2) How do you ensure a pure result? How do you measure the purity after the fact?

Still hoping for a real answer, here.

-- bw (home@puget.sound), September 24, 1999.

Mumsie, maybe this site can help I bought thru them, they were very helpful and my silver is golden and has a matalic taste and works great. Maybe the site can answer some of your questions. I'm sorry but I don't have a clue how to link.


-- Marci (, September 24, 1999.

Mumsie, as you see there are lots of opinions and little clear information available on CS. I've tried it, used it sparingly, with excellent results. And make my own. I've talked with several folks I know who have used CS for several years. One lady is 60+ and has used it on a daily basis for two years. None of them appears to have experienced any side effects.

The business about the golden color and the metallic tastes, in my experience, indicates that you indeed have produced a potent batch. One which may be too potent....and thus require significant dilution with water. You should also be aware that overuse may cause a die off of good intestinal bacteria, just as with antibiotics, which may require the use of acidophilus or yogurt for replacement.

The person who said it's all experimental was right. Though there are thousands of folks using CS with good results and loads of anecdotal reports out there, be careful. It's not the be all end all to your health care needs, and could potentially be harmful. No One Knows. Don't we love that phrase. Just remember: my body is not your body; that 60 yr old lady may have an iron liver and my live may have died if i'd used CS for two years on a daily basis. To my knowledge no controled studies have been done.

But that said, if I had my choice of non-prescription items to use in a situation where normal health care is disrupted, they would be CS, Echinacea (root -- for illness; flower/leaf for tonic), Goldenseal (which should be used in small, infrequent doses internally but is a great external poltice for wounds), Kyolic garlic, and Olive Leaf extract. I am growing my own Echinacea now -- that and my parsley are about the only things that really took off in my garden this summer. Everything else got bugged or burnt by the sun.

Actually if I keep talking I'll end up with a list of about 30 other herbs everyone should store and enough.

My brother is an acupunturist and herbalist...I've learned how to be careful by listening to him. To read and read some more and above all to pay close attention to how something affects my body. Never think cause it's an herb it can't hurt you. There are lots of wrong combinations and dosages. In some cases it takes more of an herb to create the effect of an others, more could be bad for the kidneys or liver. I've learned enough not to play around with what I know little about. I stay within a very narrow corridor of knowledge I've gained and tested for myself and family slowly carefully over many years.

-- Shelia (, September 26, 1999.

For bw, or anyone seriously interested in technical discussions of CS, there is a CS e-mail list that includes researchers and technicians among its membership. I find a lot of the exchanges are too technical for my current understanding, but am slowly learning quite a bit from reading them. The list administrator has recently begun archiving the discussions at: CS list archives

I might suggest perusing the archives to see if these discussions are of interest to you before subscribing to the e-mail group, since the group is VERY prolific. I subscribe to the digest version, and still receive up to 4 digests per day. If you're interested in the e-mail group, here are the instructions for subscribing:

"The silver-list is a moderated forum for discussion of colloidal silver.

To join or quit silver-list or silver-digest send an e-mail message to: -or- with the word subscribe or unsubscribe in the SUBJECT line.

To post, address your message to:

List maintainer: Mike Devour " Good luck!

-- RUOK (, September 26, 1999.

RUOK - thanks for the link. Never heard of it.

As I said earlier, the idea of cs (and its reputed uses) is enormously attractive. We need real studies and results that can be duplicated. Meanwhile, don't hurt yourselves.

-- bw (home@puget.sound), September 27, 1999.

I too have my own generator. From Make sure they send you directions. My understasnding that Temperature is what determines particle size. Water should be quite warm. Distilled water only. NO SALT. 15 minutes is plenty. (NO way it takes hours. Something is wrong with setup for those folks who said this.) You can see a "cloud" coming off of one of the wires when CS is being formed. So no need to wonder if it's working or not. Also, that wire will get dark and dull. (Good to wipe off the dark stuff as you see it. Just lift the generator out of the water for a moment and wipe the wire.) The CS will have a sort of golden color compared to just water. Silver Solutions is a great brand if you are going to purchase. I had excellent results with it. Taste that, and you'll know what yours should taste like. There is a very slight metallic flavor. Perhaps not everyone can detect it, as some people have very keen sense of taste and some do not. It is not wise to take CS continually. Both to avoid any possibility of buildup and for efficacy when you need it. It's not food - it's medicine.

-- Shivani Arjuna (, September 27, 1999.

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