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Does anyone have any experience with billing insurance companys? What codes do you use and what types of claims do you make? I once seen a web site with some of this information. Does anyone know it? Thanks for any input you can give me. Carmen Hanson ICD.

-- Carmen Hanson (, September 21, 1999


Hi Carmen, What state do you live in? I am not sure if this varies from state to state, but the following is what I use in Arizona. Date of Invoice Invoice number Client name Client address Estimated Due Date Date Service performed Service performed at: Diagnosis: V22.2 Intrauterine Pregnancy Evaluation Management Services (Labor Support) CPT Code: 99499 Providers Signature Fee for services Amount received Amount due

That is the invoice I give to my client (all filled out of course), I then ask her to send it in to her insurance company along with a letter that I write explaining who I am, my certifications, and what a Doula is. The insurance companies usually do not reimburse the client, but I figure it is a step in the right direction to let insurance companies know we are out here providing a valuable service, and saving them money in the process. (from what I understand, there are a few insurance companies now reimbursing so don't give up!) Good Luck to you! Terry Birth Matters!

-- Terry Emrick (, October 04, 1999.

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