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I understand from the Albuquerque Journal that San Pedro Creek does not have enough residents to support routine paper delivery. Are there any residents interested in either 1) requesting a self-serve paper box at our entrance or 2) setting up our own weekend delivery time-sharing service? We personally only have time to read the weekend paper, and would favor a self-serve box at the entrance, but would be willing to participate in a San Pedro Creek delivery time-share on the weekends. Any suggestions?

-- Anonymous, September 21, 1999


There is a newspaper club already in effect. Renee Sussman organizes it. I think her number is in the directory. I'm sure there's room for more members!

-- Anonymous, September 25, 1999

Renee Sussman ( organized the existing group. She tells me their group is not interested in growing, but she has offered to help you set up another one if you contact her.

-- Anonymous, September 27, 1999

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