Employee Morale Issues

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Does the implementation of the "team environment" into the workplace, positively effect employee morale and levels of job satisfaction?

-- Amanda Nicole Laws (alaws@mail.ci.newton.nc.us), September 21, 1999


The things that affect employee morale and job satisfaction are generally things that the employee may be able to achieve on their own, like getting more training and improving interpersonal skills. The advantage of the team environment is that you can leverage the number of other teammates who want to achieve the same things. The implementation of the team environment in my workplace, however, has not had a positive affect on employee morale and levels of job satisfaction; I would welcome any additional feedback on this particular question.

-- John E. Lamb (jelamb1325@msn.com), November 27, 1999.

Yes, if there is a true empowered environment. In my nine years experience working with empowered teams the most crucial event that has to occur is a mind shift from traditional management behavior to one that enables everyone to engage in the business without fear of some form of retribution. This will make everyone equal they just have different jobs to perform to serve the customer (internal/external). I have developed what I call 26 rules of conduct that governs everyones behavior creating a true environment where employee envolvement is a given and desired results a reality.

-- William R. Lindner (blindner@mciworld.com), March 13, 2000.

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