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The mouse discussion was getting buried in a topc called Course Planning and there was so much discussion on it,I decided to open it in its own topic.

At the suggestion of several instructors and coaches, before class today, I slowed down the mouse double click on ALL 6 systems. The default setting is about 50% speed and I have reduced that to about 25%. To be honest I did see much improvement in the "challenged" students which may be a a combination of this change and their own gain in proficiency.

In other mouse news: I found a set of exercises created by the San Jose, CA learning center to have peopkle practice mouse proficiency. There is a dikette on the extra deskd with these on but I have placed them on System1 (the one nearest the white board). My suggestion is that you offer these to the challenged students by copying from System1 to their personal diskette. They are somewhere in a folder on the C drive called courses. The directions are on a Works file named MOUSEPROF and the exercises are called EXERCISE1, EXERCISE2 and EXERCISE3.

Hope this helps.


-- Anonymous, September 20, 1999


I think the slower speed will be much better and I'm glad Bob was able to get that done. One point that was missed in earlier responses, someone pointed out that artheretic hands might have a problem with the mouse and the track ball might work better. On my home computer I went to a track ball when my wife started using, for that reason. As was discussed some time ago, the lesson is geared to the mouse and we should stick with it.

-- Anonymous, September 20, 1999

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