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Dave,...I enjoyed the first issue of your News letter. This will be be a "Must Read" addition to my email. After retiring from the Army, in 1992, my first civilian job was a continuation of what I had done for about half of my twenty years on active duty,....35mm Black & White dark room tech., and photographer. Back then,the trend was well enplaced, that digital pictures were the evolutionary way to go. I am methodically reverse planning,....I have Corel PhotoPaint, v.6, with Kia Power Tool's, v.3, a plug in filter utility, that creates algorythum generated designs. When you are finished creating a design, press OK,... and import into PhotoPaint. You adjust the degree of transparency,along with many other adjustments, such as hue,..color,..contrast,..blur,..cycle design,..and other manipulations. Makes intresting back grounds for your photo's. Part two of my planning, is to obtain a Nikon Camera, with inter-changable lens. Then,.. at last,..at my own pace, submit material for consideration, to various editors. Who says you lose creative insite after Fifty!... Thank you for your Educational News letter, keep up the good work. Sincerely,...Mickey Allums mallums@aol.com

-- Mickey Allums (mallums@aol.com), September 18, 1999

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