Voucher System

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Bruce: Have you gotten with Phil Matteo on the voucher system for ordering materials and service from Jean Haynes, and keeping track of expenditures? Pete Baumgarten Finance Committee

-- Anonymous, September 15, 1999



I will see where Phil stands on it and when it is all approved I will incorporate it in the GUIDELINES book. In the meantime I suggest you deal directly with Phil. I have asked Phil to get with you by Email. Do you have non-rel=imbursed expenses?


-- Anonymous, September 15, 1999

The process is just about complete as I can make it. It will be distributed after I meet with Jean and test it against real life. I am not satisified with the process as it is limited to the Universities finance system. There is no sense to publish it before it is tested as we can expect it will be changed.


-- Anonymous, September 15, 1999

I ask for guidelines before the classes started, and still have nothing to go on. I am going broke buying materials.

-- Anonymous, September 20, 1999

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