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I am involved with a small photography business just getting started. The person in charge has a very busy schedule, and would like anyone who can provide her with helpful information to make her business a success, to mail that information to her. Is it possible to get any businss information via mail? Thank you in advance for your help.

-- Cynthia Beasley (, September 12, 1999


Not really an answer I'm afraid - more of an echo.

I am in EXACTLY the same position and I have found the internet invaluable for disseminating awareness of our site and services.

However, I need to specifically target image buyers and picture researchers (globally)and they do seem very coy about publishing contact information. Perhaps they are tired of being swamped by irrelevant material?

If anone can advise me on the best places to look for information I would be extremely grateful!

-- Liz Wilson - Smith (, March 30, 2001.

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