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I am trying my first decoder install on a new non-DCC ready Arnold electric. I understand DCC theory and how to convert a loco. My question regards the loco printed circuit board for the lights. It has two diodes for directional lighting but also has a small wound copper wire coil between each electrical pickup (two total) and the motor connections. I'm at a loss as to their purpose and what I should do to incorporate them in the installation.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I have a digital picture of the board available if it will help.

Thanks, Eric

-- Eric Olson (, September 12, 1999



The wound coils are chokes that act as suppressors to help prevent arcing with DC. Often also combined with a capacitor (like the newer Bachman locomotives), they really don't provide much help with DCC and can even be a henderence as they show what appears to be a short to some systems. Since you don't need the diodes for directional lighting (as DCC has that built into the functions - and the diodes don't work properly with DCC anyway) and you won't really need the chokes as the motor leads are from the decoder and not direct to the rails - just remove the entire board and hardwire your decoder. If you want to keep the board - then remove the chokes and diodes and wire around them. Be sure and cut any capacitors that might be on one of these boards - as that will definitely cause DCC decoder problems.

-- Ed McCamey (, September 12, 1999.

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