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I named this article zero because it doesn't pertain to the league directly. It is my predictions for the upcoming year for the NFL. I would like to hear from all of you what you think the upcoming year holds.

NFC East 1. Arizona Cardinals: The weakest division in football for the past two years produces one of the weakest champions in a long time. They are the Cardinals so don't be suprised if they piss it away to Dallas. 10-6 2. Dallas Cowboys: As the team of the 90's prepares to ride off into the sunset one wonders if they can pull it together one last time. Nope 9-7 3. Washington Redskins: Wonder what Norv Turners going to be doing next year? It won't be coaching the Redskins unless Johnson stays healthy all year and they catch a bunch of breaks. 7-9 4. New York Giants: Does anyone really want a player off of this aneimac offense? I don't think so 6-10. Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles will attempt to be the only team of the decade to go 0-16 close but I figure 2-14. Central 1. Minnesota Vikings: From the worst division to the best? Not quite but this is a tough division. Bears and Lions excluded, this is going to be a shootout for the crown. I give the nod to the Vikings and their prolific offense, but watch out for high expectations low returns. 12-4 2. Green Bay Packers: I had the Packers back in the Big One till they traded away a wide receiver and a corner, their two weakest spots. Curious no? But with Farve slinging it they won't fall far from grace or out of the playoffs 10-6 Wild Card 3. Tampa Bay Bucs: Dungy is the best in the game in my opionon and will take this team to the next level with a weak offense keeping him from playing in the Super Bowl but don't be suprised if they are playing in the Championship Game. 10-6 Wild Card 4 & 5. Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions: With all the talent in this division they will be lucky to win 10 games between the two of them. Know thw diffrence between the Bears and the Broncos? O.K. beside the obvious. Sitting McNown is the stupidest decision that will be made all year, the kid wins football games, period. play him you morons. That's why Griese is now in charge of Broncoland. West 1. San Fransisco 49ers: Why won't this team die? They are by far the best in the west and will dominate the rest of the division 13-3. 2. Atlanta Falcons: Forget the hoopla and the Dirty Bird, the Falcons are not for real, they win a trip to the playoffs because they get 6 games against the rest of this division 9-7 Wild Card. 3. St. Louis Rams: I had the Rams in the playoff hunt till Green went down. They are still carrying the Orange County curse and will struggle to finish .500 8-8 4. New Orlean Saints: How do I get Ditka in our league. Hey Mike I will give you Williams for the rest of your team, deal? IDIOT 5-11. 5. Carolina Pannthers: Seifert is very good at what he does, unfortunately for him the Panthers aren't 4-12. Playoff Preview: San Fransisco vs. Tampa Bay and Green Bay vs Minnesota with S.F. and the Packers reuniting for the chance to play for it all. Congrats Rhodes welcome to the big dance. Green Bay in a nail biter. (Owens can't make that catch twice) AFC East 1. New York J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets: Welcome to the best division in football. The Jets have it all, offense, defense and great coaching. Expect them to be a factor all year long 13-3. 2. Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins will give Marino one last chance to play for the ring. This is difficult because in years past I knew deep down the Dolphins stunk and I could make predictions wiythout bias. This year they look to be the real deal. 12-4 Wild Card. 3. Buffalo Bills: Look at that little Flutie go. Welcome to the playoffs, please watch your step as you get knocked out in the first round 10-6 Wild Card 4. Indianapolis Colts: Manning, James and Harrison make up the best young trio in football. The key word here is young. Wait till next year Colt fans 8-8. 5. New England Pats: Sorry Jay but this team is not very good and Carroll is awful (nice guy but so is my father-in-law and I don't want him coaching my team either) 6-10. Central 1. Jacksonville Jaguars: The Chargers of the 90's the Jaguars can and must outscore their opponents. Look for them to do it on a consistent basis 12-4 2. Tennesee Titans: The Titans will play in the post season, just not for very long 9-7 3. Pittsburgh Steelers: God couldn't overcome the free agency departures the Steelers must contend with. Fortunately for Steeler fans, Cowher is as close to God as it gets for head coaches 8-8 4. Cinn Bengals, Baltimore Ravens and the Cleveland Browns: You try and come up with something witty to say about this collection of stiffs. PU West 1. Denver Broncos: The Broncos win the division by default and Davis. That Elway guy was a diffrence maker and the diffrence this year will be watching the Super Bowl from the couch versus the sideline 11-5 2. Seattle Seahawks: Not signing Galloway is a mistake that will cost the Seahawks any hope of making noise in the playoffs 10-6 Wild Card 3. Oakland Raiders: This team is an enigma, I look at them and think this team is got some talent, but the Raiders of the 90's find a way to waste talent. I think it has something to do with those ugly jumpsuits. 9-7 (dark horse favorite) 4. San Diego Chargers: The Chargers get fourth cause they suck less then the Chiefs 6-10 5. Kansa City Chiefs: See Above 5-11 Playoff preview Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets and Denver Broncos vs. Miami Dolphins. I am calling for an all Eastern final of the Dolphins and the Jets. Miami can't win in cold weather and NY has a tendecy to be a bit chilly in the winter. But wait, what's this, indian summer?, 65 degrees at kickoff and a Dolphin win. (Told you it's hard to keep out my bais)

Green Bay vs Maimi

Congrats Marino, wear that ring proud!!!!! Hey, its my article and I can have whoever I want winning it all!!!

-- Anonymous, September 09, 1999


couple of things

I have a couple of disagreements with you.

First, the 49ers aren't very good and will win no more than 10 games. Atlanta's defense is real enough for them to win the west again.

Second, Flutie will not finish the season as the starter unless R. Johnson gets hurt. I think Flutie will be benched around game 5.

-- Anonymous, September 09, 1999

I refuse to comment...

No matter how much I try to delude myself I cannot see the niners win the whole thing so I will not even try to predict the NFC, but I think it is the year of the jags.


-- Anonymous, September 10, 1999

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