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I have just discovered Lusenet. I like it. Anyway, I have just finished The Garden of Iden, by Kage Baker. Rather a neat twist on time travel. I just want to talk about books in general, likes, dislikes, etc. I wondered whether I added a post here if it would turn up on the active public forums section, despite the gap since February in this secti

-- Edegoly (, September 05, 1999


Hi Ed. As you can see, this forum doesn't get too much traffic right now. But about The Garden of Iden, I've never read it (nor even heard of Kage Baker), and I wonder if there's another writer perhaps who the Baker shares some style? Can you think of a good comparison?

-- Jason Voegele (, September 09, 1999.

How to describe Kage Baker. Hmmm. Maybe John Barnes like? Very tongue in cheek, with a dry humor. "Such is the life of a teenage cyborg." is a typical comment. In this book the short plot is Very young girl rescued from Inquisition, certain death pending,and sent to Time Travel training facility. Spends time being modified into a quasi immortal cyborg slave and sent to Elizabethan England to collect extinct plants for future clients. You can't change the past in this version of time travel, events are fixed, but you can control results by making sure, say, Ben Franklin was your agent. It's a fun yarn.

-- Edegoly (Edith) (, September 14, 1999.

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