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I recently bought a Broadway capture card, I'm so far I'm happy with it, but there are some minor details that just bug the heck out of me, and I was hoping that there are some people out there who have solved these problems already.

The setup: Broadway Pro Capture Card ULead Media Studio (came with BroadwayPro) Adaptec CD Creator 3.5

Capturing an MPEG-1 video in VCD format, then writing it with the Adaptec CD creator works beautifully.

If I capture an AVI, then modify it with the ULEAD tool (to cut out unwanted parts) and save it as video CD format, Adaptec doesn't recognize the file. Has someone been successful in getting Adaptec to recognize these files?

Editing the videos using the ULEAD tool is a pain. There seems to be no way of viewing your work without spending an hour per minute of video converting the video. Does someone have an idea on how to avoid this?

I have a system better than the one the broadway is installed on that I'd like to modify the video on, but when I try to load up an AVI that works on the system with the broadway, it fails on the new system.

Best Quality: How do I get it with my setup? I've been told that capturing the highest quality AVI then converting to VCD format is the best way to go, but because of the problem above I haven't been able to test it. I assume that the MPEG converter I use will be important in determining quality as well... Interesting Side Note: I'm playing my VCDs on a Sony-530 DVD player, and the only media I've been successful with so far has been "Smart and Friendly" CD-RWs. Good thing they're cheap!

-- Michael Patterson (, August 31, 1999


Have you tried the following in Ulead to create VCD MPEG:? 1. In Create Video File dialog box, select MPEG file format and click Options button 2. Click on Compression tab, and check the "optimized for CD-ROM" option.

Capturing to AVI and then converting to MPEG with Broadway is THE way to go. Best quality.


-- Kevin (, September 04, 1999.

You're saying that capturing as an AVI then converting to MPG is the best way to go, but you suggested capturing as an MPG...

If you're sucessful, what version of Adaptec's software are you using? Apparently, I shouldn't be using the V3.5 that I'm using.

-- Michael Patterson (, September 08, 1999.

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