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Yes, Rebecca I go for all the things you suggested. We need to go point by point on the HR (Personnel) manual, since this is the generic HPI policies. Plus, we (Field staff) could also try to write down the present system we are currently using/implementing at the country level. Although Francine had already made initial surveys with us before, there may be unwritten policies within country offices that had not been mentioned and are relevant, worth putting in black and white and translating into resource book format. We surely cannot afford to miss or omit them.


-- Anonymous, August 24, 1999


Let's go! (But where's Janardan??)

Perhaps, Linas, it would be helpful if you were to list your thoughts point by point, and for Janardan to follow. (I worked on the master, and I'm not sure I have anything to add to them, except to understand them from your perspectives. I will record our recommendations into the master document.

I think, if I understand this mind-boggling technology correctly, Linas can record her recommendations or additions or changes to each topic of the manual and "submit" it. Then, Janardan & I can "reply to" each one separately. That way, we can organize our information. Do I get it? (This is a bit intimidating to me, since I do not at all understand it!)

-- Anonymous, August 24, 1999

let's go!

Dear Rebecca,

I am sure Janardan will surface in the battlefield soon.

I am not myself sure how to proceed. I was just thinking to initially read again the HR manual (section 100-1200), lift/mark outright portions that could be adopted for the resource book, and write out things that need to be detailed out adding/incorporating experiences or practices here in the Philippines.

Then, we need to read again the ASP manual. do the same with the HR manual - lift/mark items that could be used, and write out practices we use here in the field.

your deadline in going over the HR is fine. we need long time to write the practices down, and post them unto this board. And Rebecca, we need your expert advice and guidance - tell us if we are in the right tract (whether proposed procedures are acceptable or not at HQ or if there are new guidelines at HQ, etc.).

For things we cannot write or have little knowledge, e.g. retirement annuities, fixed assets, audits of non-financial files, we look upon you.

One question - do we need a standard format in writing the steps. Like for each section for example "Records Management" - should there be objectives, basic description, then followed by procedures, form/s needed and explanation of parts of the form/s. Please help me on this.

I'll try to come out with notes for bboard on weekly basis.


-- Anonymous, August 25, 1999

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