A list of areas to photograph in N. Arizona.

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If anyone is around on this forum, I would really appreciate some info on N.Ariz. photo opportunities in May. We will be going there mainly to shoot landscapes, slot canyons etc. I considered S. Ariz. for wildlife too. Any info or links to other related sites will help. Thanks

-- Jeff Hallett (franjeff@alltel.net), August 17, 1999


May can be quite hot in N. Arizona but it doesn't sound like you have much of a choice as far as month is concerned. August Monsoon season and Nov are my favorite months due to the clouds. May and June can be cloudless. Sunset Crater near Flagstaff can look good if shot from the west mountains, looking down over the crater. I feel the Grand Canyon is at its best in the winter months. Lake Powell can look nice in late Aug with Monsoon lightning, but it's hot. The Colorado River Goosenecks look good also but are hard to reach. Some serious hiking is required. This area is around five miles south of Page, AZ. Monument Valley is scenic but has been shot so much that it difficult to get a fresh perspective of the place. Late Aug Monsoons here have the most potential. Steve

-- Steve Rasmussen (srasmuss@flash.net), September 11, 1999.

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