Equality in teaming

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My team is made up of 2 educational professionals (education/teaching degrees); 2 members who have B.A.'s; and one member who has no college whatsoever. Our coach also has taught in the educational arena. Her philosophy is that all members should be paid equally regardless of education or skills/knowledge. For example she believes that we should be paid equally and have the same job descrptions even though only 2 of us can design courses, jonly four of us teach, and one does not teach, design courses at all. She helps with our budget and does "statistical analysis." Yet when we are rewriting our new job description, she believes that a "requirement" of the position be someone with an education background who can teach and design.

It is clear that we are a diverse group and have many different levels of skill and knowledge...yet we are all paid basically the same. This does not seem fair to me. Can someone help me figure this theory out, that all members should be paid basically the same even though it is glaringly apparent that some have more skills than others?

-- Catherine L. woolaway (cathy.woolaway@bcbsks.com), August 16, 1999

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