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Dear Rebecca and Janardan,

i re-read the a-team documents and the Thailand Human Resource Handbook. The Handbook done by/for Thailand is exhaustive, and some parts already have the 1-2-3's of the policies. all A/SP country programs must follow this handbook. For example, Philippines has no sexual harassment policy statement, hence must include it in our employment manual.

Anyway here are some thoughts about our sub-group work. Our resource book portion will basically be divided into 2: 1) Administrative and 2) Personnel. I think Personnel should not be limited to what is listed in the original content outline. Just thinking, could we adopt the outline below:

Administrative: A. Record Management 1. Project files 2. Audits of non-financial files B. Non-HPI Project Report formats (acceptable format) C. Accounting for fixed assets (definition/s must be included) D. Annual Inventory of program equipments and supplies (coding system and recording) E. Vehicle Usage (to include acceptable usage format and accounting of usage)

Personnel A. Hiring and selection (general) procedure B. Staff development and evaluation ( to include Training Needs Assessment of staff. For evaluation it must include general criteria (what are to be rated), rating system and acceptable format. Actually for me the present format is already okay.) C. Benefits (to incude: what benefits will accrue to staff basing on status of employment or may be rank???; determination of value/amount...; retirement annuities) D. Recording of days worked and absences F. Grievance procedure E. Termination of employment

Sorry, the above outline is rather long compared to original. but this is only a suggested outline, you can delete unnecessary items.

I could work on any, except on defining what should fall under fixed assets and retirement annuities. But i guess we need to work together as we need to review what are being practiced by each country programs including that prescribed or being implemented in HQ.


-- Anonymous, August 13, 1999


I like Linas' thoughts

I would add under Administrative: F. General office practices (to include basics like answering the phone; opening, date stamping & distribution of incoming mail; outgoing mail; staff meetings; managing e-mail, etc.)

Under Personnel, I would add orientation procedures for new staff (either under hiring & selection or staff development).

The next question is, how do we proceed. We have a deadline. We are all buried under mountains of important (and less than important) work. What about scheduling ourselves to tackle recommendations on specific sections of the Human Resources (Personnel) Manual over a period of two or three weeks. Then doing the same with specific sections of the administrative portion of the Procedures (operations) manual? For example, since there are 12 sections in the HR manual, what if we took sections 100 - 600 for this week and each of us reviewed & made notes for recommendations for each section (via this bulletin board). Then next week we could do sections 700 - 1200. The following week we could resolve any discrepancies or propose the final format in which we would like to present this document.

After that, we could use the same system or modify one for the operations manual.......

Any other or better ideas?

-- Anonymous, August 23, 1999

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