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When encoding mpeg for a video-cd the bitrate is mostly set to 1.15Mbit but video-pack help says that 1.37 is the maximum. Other sources tell me that it must be 1.15, can anyone tell me what the actual maximal bitrate is?

-- Stefan Kuk (, August 12, 1999


As I read your question, I think (because of these particular numbers that you mention) that you are confusing VIDEO BITRATE with STREAM BITRATE. The VB of a VCD is fixed at 1.15Mb and corresponds to the video portion of the MPEG file, while the SB (or system bitrate) is fixed at 1.37Mb and corresponds to the whole thing: video + audio + misc stuff present in the .dat (syncronicity, signaling bits, etc). Hope this helps. Matmas.

-- Matias P. (, September 30, 1999.

You are right about that, I have found out that it depends on th eplayer you are using. I am encoding my home video's to video-cd and I have found out that the maximal video rate depends on the player you are using. For instance I am using a video-cd player panasonic vl- vp35 and it supports a video rate up to 1.3Mb without problems. I am curious what the white book standard says about this.

-- Stefan Kuk (, October 01, 1999.

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