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As background here is a collage of dialogue amongst a half-dozen people associated with Coalition 2000, about the need for Y2K Awards. Participants know who they are, and I apologize for not citing their contributions at this time in any copious or conscientious way.

A w a r d s


More's happening in Y2K community awareness and preparation than is getting attention.

There is too much emphasis on the difficulties and darker sides of Y2K and not enough attention paid to the positive .

The Awards could also be thought of as PR catalysts -- to help make people (the public, communities, government, businesses, and other organizations ) aware of the potential consequences of Y2K-triggered disruptions. And from awareness, community action and preparation can follow.


National attention focused on an Accident attributed to Y2K. Discussion ensued: it was good that there had been testing Before Y2K, lest this accident had occurred then. It thus needed to be commended -- lest others not test for fear of such accidents.

The first Awards announcements are planned for September.


A commendation award, publicly recogizing communities or community leaders that contribute to Y2K community awareness and preparedness nationwide?

The program recognizes Y2K as more than a computer problem, having economic, social and political implications whose potentials necessitate public awareness and preparation nationwide.

The Awards recognize outstanding civic contribution in helping others become aware of how Y2K might impact us, at home, at work, and throughout the community.

From that awareness, community action and responsible preparation follow.

Voting is in final phases as to the name of the awards and will be posted to this site once results are all in and tabulated.


This recognition is without preconceived categories and is only limited by the limited extent of time left and the boundlessness of human ingenuity, imgination, and compassion.

Possibilities include:


In the first 48 hours of the program conception, we've already discussed nominations reflective of the breadth of diversity, self-lessness and caring which will exemplify the award recipients.

  1. a city manager whose been undauntable and cheerful in bringing an entire city to preparedness,

  2. a nurse actively working on a sensible, doable disaster-care plan for all homebound-patients in her city, many hours as a volunteer,

  3. a self-less fellow who'se teaching others to garden and to be good neighbors

  4. a mayor taking the heat for a safety disaster attributed (falsely) to Y2K which, nonetheless, stands to wake up thousands of other communities on the need for continency plans and drills, and

  5. an emergency management specialist working after hours without pay to impart genial, low-key, reassuring advice (that comes only from personal experience with other 20 natural disasters) to local officals and residents.

Also discussed were regional nominees:

Regional awards could be given coverage in local media.

Recipients might be


Given the intense, concentrated measure of time during which these Awards are relevant, they are awarded whenever exemplars come to the attention of the Awards Committee and mobilize sufficient appreciation. Nominations are welcome and will be published periodically, and added to a Hall of Honor website.

The Awards are nonmonetary, and could consist of a printed scroll, suitable for framing.

Currently discussed : anyone could nominate; a board of no more than 10 would vote.

Nominating person would schedule award presentation with the recipient and local press
Nominating person (or local delegate) would deliver the award, on behalf of Coalition 2000, in a public event and place, such as the steps of the local paper

Advisory Board there to address anything exceptional
Administrator, to keep it going

Eventually, there could be national media coverage and perhaps even a national banquet when there are enough honorees.

Currently the Ad Hoc Steering Committee for the Awards has been autonomous and self-organizing. Soon - and very soon - we might need to expand the Committee, formalize some roles, expand sponsorship, build a small endowment, formalize processes, etc.

Respectfully submitted,

[Quoting and paraphrasing without attribution]

-- Gary Gach (, August 05, 1999


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-- Gary Gach (, August 05, 1999.

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-- Jan Nickerson (, August 05, 1999.

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