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Hi....ever since Ive discovered what a Doula does and that there was such a person I ve been really excited. Im very interested in Becoming a Doula. Not to sound strange but I feel this is my "calling". I feel that I would be good in this field because I think I have alot of support to offer parents. All I need is to get the technical stuff down and gain some experience. Im so excited to get started, but where...Do I start with the reading? Do I order the certification packet? I know there are extra classes I need to take. How do I get started. Are there any certain organizations I should call .Should I contact any hospitals. Ilive in Edmonton , alberta. I appreciate any information that is offered. I know Im asking alot but I am clueless as to what steps I take first.

Also, I am not a mother yet but my husband and i are planning to have a baby in the next year or two. Were just newly married and we are trying to get settled. Im from the U.s and he is canadian. Were trying to get my immigration stuff settled first. Healthcare etc....Are there any Doulas out there that havent experienced birth yet or dont plan to at all. Do you think that one could be a great Doula not having experienced the birth process firsthand. I know parents will be interested in finding out how it was from personal experience. Any feedback on this would be appreciated also.. Thank you in advance...

-- Leihan Pittman (, July 31, 1999


Hi Leihan - It sounds like there are lots of people out there wanting to become doulas, so this may apply to more people as well. I got started by doing lots of reading first. I took a DONA certification class, and observed a childbirth preparation class, then jumped in and started advertising my services. I am not certified yet, but just attended my second birth last week. As far as the second part of your question, whether or not you can be a doula without having experienced childbirth yourself...A week ago, I would have said no, that much of the value of a doula is in their knowing what the mom is going through and being able to respond empathetically and appropriately. However, my sister, who is childless, attended this last birth with me. She was amazing. I learned more from her than I have from anyone else. So it is possible to be a good doula without having kids. However, I will say that she has been studying and practicing for years, so it may take more effort on your part if you haven't had children. Hope this helps! Good luck! September Gerety

-- September Gerety (, September 04, 1999.

Hi six monts a go i had the same questions. I am going to shair the ansewers i found that helped me. yes you can be come a doula with out have a child first it mite actulay be easer because once u start your practice u want have to find someone to sit on a last min basis. what i did was i found the local doula and e-mailed her and then i went out and met her for dinner and had a meeting about what she could do for me and i for her. since then i have taken a class that she has for expecting partents and have become her back up doula and she is mine.

-- Julianna Relyea (, November 08, 1999.

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