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Just bought a DAZZLE DVC USB version a couple days ago. I created mpeg file using video CD format and tried to write VCD using NTI- CD maker. The file was rejected as being non-compliant to video CD 2.0 std. ( I use Packard Bell computer and HP CR-W writer )

I also transfer the same file to my Macintosh Power PC with Yamaha CR R-W. The same thing happened the file was rejected by Adaptec TOAST. TOAST suggests using ASTRATE MPACK to make the file compliant.

Any thought ?. I have submitted this question to tech support at DAZZLE.

The mpeg file plays fine on PC and on the MAC using Quicktime 4.0.

Thanks Kiam Oey

-- Kiam Oey (ktoey@gte.net), July 30, 1999


For NTI, try using an older version...say 3.17. The newest version rejects anything from Dazzle. Incidently, I have a similar setup, though I use NTI 3.17.

-- Don (rico_1@webtv.net), July 30, 1999.

I solved the my own problem by re-installing the Dazzle software. Now my NTI CD Maker(ver. 3.5.800) accepts the Dazzle file. .... I have another problem. The CD-R(blue) or the CD-RW that I created won't play on DVD player with VCD capability. I tried Sony top of the line units (2 different DVD) at Circuit City and I bought a Phillips Magnavox with dual laser that can read CD-R and CD-RW. What is wrong ?.



Kiam Oey

-- Kiam Oey (ktoey@gte.net), August 04, 1999.

I have a Dazzle DVC USB version, and a HP computer with Adaptec EZ CD Creator Deluxed 4.02. I created an MPEG file from VHS sample just fine. I burnt it to a cd in Video CD format through the Adaptec creator software, and yet, my SONY DVP-S360 which has Video CD playback capability will not even recognize that the disc is present. Neither will my CD-ROM drive. This is frustrating, because the Adaptec software claims that the Video CD format created will play on any computer CD-ROM. That was the purpose of the software. Now, aside from the fact that it will not play on my Video CD capable DVD player, or my computer that I just burnt it from, there are some answers to this puzzle. I believe that it lies in the media itself. Dazzle has some good points listed on their website at http://www.dazzle.com/support/videocdtip.html They say that there must be certain modifications to the WIN.INI file under [mci extensions] in order for the CD-ROM to play the Video CD format. That should take care of the CD-ROM playback issue, but I have yet to try it. As for the DVD player that is Video CD capable, they say that the green colored CD-R media, which I was using, absorbs the laser light wavelengths, and therefore, should use another color of CD-R. I have yet to try that as well, but sounds logical to me. Also, they say that these DVD players may not have firmware compatible with playing 2.0 compliant Video CD format, which is the type generated by the Dazzle DVC.

-- Tom Olson (tcolson@charter.net), September 14, 2000.

As far as the Sony DVP-S360 If you read the manual it states it will not play cdr's. The only thing I have been able to get it to read is cd-rw Memorex Platinum 74 minute. (and that is the only one that works) Sony is a big hitter as far as the most to lose with piracy so they are making all their new dvd players with only 1 laser. BIG ASSHOLES! I would take your Sony back if possible and get a brand with twin lasers (most others offer this) I have a service contract on my piece of shit Sony "you should see me abuse it! As soon as it dies I will return and upgrade to pioneer or another brand with twin laser." (I was under the assumption Sony would make a good product, not make a lower quality product with one laser to stop piracy, therefore screw me in making homemade vcd's and playing mp3's. I have a mixture of old and new cd players, therefore I need to use cdr's for mp3 (older cd drives in stereos can only read this media and not cdrw) So I can't play a damn thing in my Sony DVD unless I make it on a cdrw and then it won't work on my older equipment. Sony can go to hell. I will be making a web page soon telling Sony just that! The word really needs to be spread so Sony will see that when you buy something that says it can play a compact disk that it can play a compact disk! BOYCOTT SONY!

-- Billy, boy, boy, boy (kilingspam@aol.com), September 15, 2000.

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