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What drives you batty? I hate having to share my meal with a server who is so desperate for money they are willing to humiliate themselves and act like they are in love with me. "Hi, I'm Chris, and I'll be taking care of you today!!!"

What bugs you?

-- Allison (, July 27, 1999


Hope you don't mind, but I have two: 1) drivers on the freeway who feel it necessary to be two inches away from your rear bumper when it's obvious you can't go any faster due to the long line of slower cars ahead of you, and you can't pull over because the other lane is full, too; and 2) bicyclists who insist on sharing the roads with motorists, even going to far as to demand their own special lane, and then blatently ignoring the traffic laws, i.e., stop signs, signaling when they intend to make a turn, and weaving in and out between cars! I can understand when it's the kids, because kids are stupid anyway, but the adults should know better!

-- lisa-marie (, September 03, 1999.

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