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When I try to to play VCDs a system error window pops up saying something like "Can4t read from drive X" then i press abort and a another popup shows. it says "no startup code found". I have a Sony 24x/AKOx CD-ROM and a HP CD-Writer Plus 8100i and i have tried runnig in both of my CD-ROMs and does4nt work. I have both Nero burning Rom, Easy CD Creator and CD-R diagnostics installed. Have DirectX 6.1 and DirectX Media 6.0 installed. My computer is 200mhz MMX and i have a S3 Inc. trio64V2 2MB grapichs card and a Voodoo 4mb 3dfx card.

Please help!

-- Lars Lernestal (, July 21, 1999

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