Speeding output of PS-Files on Colorspan Series XII

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We create vector artwork on FreeHand 8 (Mac) to print via PosterShop 4.5 to a Colorspan Series XII LFP (2 x 6 inks). They are saved as Macintosh EPS-Files (CMYK). In contrast to raster images the output is considerably slower, since the printheads rest after each pass for a second or two. I've tried other PS-Format without much or no improvement. Downsizing the FreeHand-File in the number of curvepoints did accelerate printing, but it's still not at the optimum. Is there are general or special (for FreeHand settings) recommendation in the handling of PS-Files for PosterShop and/or Colorspan machines? Thanks!

-- Hans-Juergen Wenk (HaJu.Wenk@t-online.de), July 03, 1999


Are you sending your EPS file at Full Size? This can create a Very Very large file at the spooler. are you going through the LPT port on your Server? very slow and will cause Pauseing

-- Chris Mensing (cmensing@ticnet.com), October 02, 1999.

Your problem sounds as if it is related to the Humidity Sensor built into the Series XII printer. Sonme earlier versions of firmware had a problem that made the printer think the humidity was high and slowed the printer to compensate for slow drying. It is also posible to set the drying time manually. Go to the customize settings menu and select humidity sensor. Select Adjust dry time manually and set the delay to 0.0. This manual adjustment works in half second increments. The bug in early firmware only affected the humidity sensor if it was set to automatically compensate for high h

-- Don Slabicki (esfedon@aol.com), December 05, 1999.

The videonet protocol that drives a Colorspan printer must be on a dedicated network card or you will get a slowdown in printing.

-- Bruce Mello (bruce@redconnect.net), December 13, 1999.

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