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Owner's Manual


to cut MINOX 8x11 films from standard 135 film cartridges.

This film slitter is a device for slitting 35 mm film from a standard 135 cartridge into strips of 9.2 mm (3.2 in.) width for use with ultra-miniature cameras as MINOX TLX and EC.

Minox film cassettes can so be filled with the film emulsion you prefer.

Perform all processes in the darkroom or dark-box to avoid fogging the film. When processing the film, avoid scratching or getting it dusty,

1. Minox film lengths 36 exp.: 59 cm / 23,2 in. 15 exp.: 32 cm / 12,6 in.

As the length of the film cannot be measured in the darkroom, it is recommended to prepare a scale (e.g. cardboard) in the aforementioned lengths and use it as a guide to cut the film.

2. Number of rolls you can cut from

a 36 exp. 135 film: 4 rolls of 36 exp. and 2 rolls of 1 5 exp. or 8 rolls of 15 exp. a 24 exp. 135 film: 2 rolls of 36 exp. and 2 rolls of 15 exp. or 6 rolls of 15 exp.

3. Items to prepare for the darkroom - film slitter - 35 mm film - empty components of Minox film cassettes. Ensure that the caps of both sides are removed,

-scale - 2 adhesive tapes of width 0,5 cm (0,2 in.), length 4 cm (1.57 in) and 1,5 cm (0.6 in) - Scissors 4. Preparation In the darkroom a) Cut the tip of the 35 mm film so it will have a straight end.

b) Pull out the Rim about 1 cm/0,4 in, and pass it through under the roller of the slitter keeping the emulsified side facing upwards, then slide it under the guide ran. Keep the emulsion side on the inside while taping the tip of the film to the spool with adhesive tape. (fig. 1) This completes the procedures to prepare for the darkroom. Take the slitter, empty cassettes, caps (without hole), scissors and cardboard scale (to determine the cut length) with you when you enter the darkroom.

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