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I am in the market to purchase a DVD player. I have a few requirements. The first is to be able to play DVD movies on my television, the second is the ability to display still pictures (i.e JPEGs which I have burned on my PC). A future requirement will be to one day, transfer my 8mm movies to a CD media). Finally,I would like to purchase a player which will have a technological life of more than 3 years.

I have a feeling that a DVD/VCD player might the the choice. Am I correct? What are the thoughts? Thanks in advance.

-- larry cheeyou (, June 17, 1999


Yes, you are correct. But how do you expect anyone to know if it will have a technological life of more than 3 years. Want me to look in my crystal bal

-- benjamin (, June 19, 1999.

I heard somebody is working on DVD/VCD/MP3 Player. Yes with MP3 support!. You might want to look into this!

-- Vman (, June 20, 1999.

Umm. Ok. If you want all that plus the long life, get a Philips DVD/VCD player model number 825(United States). This DVD player which I will give one unit a happy home can be flash upgraded. YES!!! FLASH UPGRADED!!! All you do is get the new DVD discs from Philips pop the sucker in the machine and voila new features. As for the MP3 don't hold your breath. A DVD/VCD Player with MP3 would be made by a no name company as this would really anger the RIAA. Of course with the flash upgrade of the Philips 825, it could be a possibility. I have tried and seen the featues of this machine and the box also has NTSC/PAL compatibility for VCDs, a Dual LAser for DVD and VCDs so CD- R an CD-RW will not be a problem. the only problem is you asking for JPEG files. So far few DVD players support JPEG(actually none do, they support PhotoCD). I do not have any PhotoCDs so I could not try the Philips 825 with them. If you live in the states take oone VCD, one PhotoCD, and a CD-R or Cd-RW to a Circuit City and ask to try the players out. Just remember that Philips will be the only player with a three year shelf life, but why worry about it? After three years DVD players that record will be available so buy the cheapest player one first.

-- the Lone Ranger (, June 23, 1999.

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