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What type of butterfly is black with orange spots as a caterpillar? There are hundreds of them in the back yard where I work! Does anyone know a good site for identifying types of butterflies, with lots of nice pictures? Please email me at

Quentin, 30 y/o Redding, CA

-- Quentin Seals (, June 13, 1999


i need to know what kind of butterfly i keep seeing is???

I see a butterfly fly pass me everyday that is so beautiful but i cant find anything that will tell me what kind it is or even a picture of it. I have a feeling this might mean something. my parents both loved butterflies and now that they have passed away i have reason to believe that this butterfly might be something meaningful to me about my parents. The butterfly looks almost completely white, i think it might have some yellow in it. i want to get this tattoo, i already have one butterfly but i want another...please if you know how i can find out about this beautiful butterfly contact me.. thank you danielle wilson })i({

-- Danielle Wilson (, September 20, 2000.

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